History of Folding Screen Phones And The Technology Behind It

History of Folding Screen Phones And The Technology Behind It

It’s always interesting to discuss today’s technology, one of which is a folding screen phone. Even though it is a new product, folding screen phones have an interesting history to review.

Who is the maker of the foldable phone, is it Samsung? The fact is The Royole Fexpai who broke the world record as the creator of the first folding screen phone on October 31, 2018 with an option of 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. On that date, the company pre-orders.

Royole itself is a Chinese company that was founded in 2012. Despite being the first to launch a folding screen phone, the phone that Royole launched was not the best ever.

History of Folding Screen Phones And The Technology Behind It

Some negative reviews about this phone appeared in January 2019 and said this smartphone is so thick especially when folded so that it gives a less elegant impression.

Each need requires a different smartphone function because it affects the optimization when used. For example, to manage work or play games, a large screen will certainly feel more comfortable and make it easier for you to see details.

On the other hand, a compact smartphone makes it easy to receive or make phone calls. That’s why screen flexibility is so needed, and it can be accommodated by folding screen technology.

From the user’s point of view, using a smartphone with a folding screen at this time also indirectly gives the impression of high-tech because it gives a new feel for use in a conservative mobile environment.

Folding screen smartphones are also increasingly stunning sbobet login in terms of design. Just look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 which comes with a premium design!

The expertise of the best craftsmanship brings a better folding screen device with the use of the best materials from the previous generation.

Call it the application of Ultra Thin Glass from Samsung that coats the Main Screen (Main Screen) making the Galaxy Z Fold2 far from being plasticky compared to the previous generation.

It took a long time for the company to create a handset with folding screen capabilities. This is because mobile phone manufacturers also have to create other components on smartphones that are also flexible.

One of them is the glass on the screen. Glass is an inflexible object. As a result, manufacturers had to develop bendy polymer screens to make flexible phones.

Then, manufacturers also have to replace the circuit and lithium-ion batteries. Manufacturers need to replace lithium-ion batteries because they can catch fire when bent.

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